This magicJack 30-Day Money Back Guarantee is for magicJack Devices purchased directly from If you purchased your magicJack at a retailer, we recommend that you adhere to the retailer’s return policy and return the device to the retailer with your original packaging and receipt.

When I plugged my new MagicJack into my computer, it automatically started-up and supplied a phone number, and seems to be working fine. However, it NEVER prompted me to establish an account. Now, I can't figure out how to do so. I tried submitting my phone number to generate a "forgot password" e-mail message. Help me troubleshoot my magicJack. I’m having trouble with my device. I can’t activate or register my magicJack. This assumes you’ve already followed the directions found here. If you have not already followed these directions, please try them first. Let’s isolate the problem: Are you connected to the internet? Start by entering your magicJack phone number to lookup your account. Ready to renew in just 3 easy steps? Rapid Renew is a secure and easy way to renew your magicJack service that doesn't require login. The magicJack 30-Day Money Back Guarantee ensures your complete satisfaction. If, for any reason, you wish to cancel service within 30 days of the date you order your Device, we will refund your money if the terms of our Money Back Guarantee are satisfied, including without limitation your completion of an RMA and payment of return shipping costs.

Ok out of the blue magic jack has been acting up. When I get a call the static is just out of control basically making the conversation not worth having. I don't know what caused this all I do know is I have unplugged re-plugged magic-jack and have rebooted my pc still same thing continues.

How do I Cancel my MagicJack Account? June 13, 2017. Communication Accounts, Utilities. MagicJack is an interesting telephone device that uses a USB port on a computer to provide low-cost phone service. It is matched to any standard phone, and must be used in conjunction with a subscription service. The service is billed magicJack au Québec - Vente et Installation

The attribute or sub tag, cmd, cannot be empty for the apm:XML tag. Setup [Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Your 2020-6-14 · 8) The purple area is to go ahead and register your device right away and get a phone number. Click the purple area that says “Or click here to register now and get a phone number”. 9) A page will load within the software application with an offer to start a new account or use your magic Jack login to get access to and combine your existing account.