Google Public DNS turns years old

Google DNS has been popular for a long time and later came the IBM DNS dubbed Quad9. In the last week, we have known, new DNS faster and private than those of Google launched by Cloudflare. DNS: vs vs The arrival of Cloudflare’s DNS has shaken up a segment that seemed quite dominated by Google and OpenDNS Complete IP Address Details for Idiots, people who are using Google DNS ( will show up as That mean's, not Google, but someone using their DNS for faster internet, were trying to log on to your site as admin - 2019-04-24 Submit conekat - 2019-05-22 Wi fi - 2019-07-12 ELI5: What does changing you DNS settings to do Jul 28, 2011

Feb 05, 2018 · My PC is now (since yesterday) using DNS server even when I connect to a remote PC with OpneVPN. how do I stop my PC from using as a DNS server and use the DNS server provided in my Broadband router or remote VPN server ?

Soo.. this is google other DNS server/ip . - 2018-03-25. Hacker - 2018-12-19. Me From Egypt As Ping Must Be From Egypt To US it mush show up to 150ms how this 66ms? - 2018-12-22. Enter up to 500 characters in your comment about this IP address. If you have a question contact support or post in the community.

Oct 18, 2017 · The server is using and NOW. It was on before I just changed it. Hoped it would help but doesn't appear to. Internet cannot be accessed by the DNS server even with the and DNS servers. I'm going to restart the whole physical server

DNS forwarders that only point to are using your ISP connection to hop to when resolving DNS. You have a local DNS resolution solution much closer that will speed up requests if used instead. Additionally, if your DNS is set to, DNS failures may seem to be an ISP outage when your ISP connection is fine. Google Public DNS turns years old Aug 10, 2018