Apr 09, 2019

Jan 06, 2013 connect 2 wireless routers together - Computing.Net I am trying to connect 2 wireless routers to expand my wireless signal. I want to connect the router 1 (in 2d floor) to a powerline av and then get the router 2 to the powerline (in the ground floor) so i can have wireless there too. I've tried some configurations i found online, but can't get … Are you using two Nest WiFi Routers? : GoogleWiFi

Ideally you would want to run an Ethernet line from one of your Wifi AP to the other one. But if that is not possible, you need to "bridge" the two routers.

1. Set your router's WAN interface to get an IP address via DHCP. This is required at first so that the 2Wire recognizes your router. 2. Plug your router's WAN interface to one of the 2Wire's LAN interfaces. 3. Restart your router, let it get an IP address via DHCP. 4. Log into the 2Wire router's interface.

Mar 17, 2020

How do i connect two wifi routers together wirelessly