Yes your account can still be traced. How can it still be traced? With snap chat and other programs like it, it is being ran off of a server. to better answer this I will use the idea of a laptop. When you delete information using your trash bin on a laptop is that information gone for good no you can still recover it.

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Snapchat Hack 2020: How to Read Someone's Messages

Snapchat | AT&T Community Forums Feb 08, 2017 Snapchat tracker: How to track on SnapChat The individual who is still thinking that how the account of Snapchat user can be tracked or hacked, installing spy app is recommended for them. One can install the app and send the link remotely that is 100% untraceable for tracking app download.

Snapchat can be monitored through mSpy and being a parent, you can get to know all the activities of your children by making use of the sophisticated spying tools offered by mSpy. Why to Monitor Snapchat? It is used by business persons to share sensitive information, which can’t be given to everyone.

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