The body is styled as a normal Drupal block. ICON: Mortar Board. This style formats your block title with a graduation mortar board icon before the title and a gold border below the title. The body is styled as a normal Drupal block. BLOCK TITLE: GT Gold. This style formats your block title with a gold background. The body is styled as a normal

Create a second menu block, also using Main menu for the Menu name. Set this to display showing only Level 2 and deeper. Place this new block in a region on the side, e.g., Sidebar first. Disable the default Main menu block by choosing - None - in the region popup menu. The next FAQs will show the steps to complete the process. For additional Oct 17, 2011 · Two approaches to hiding the content of a field to non-members of your website. Approach #1: Do it in a module. Approach #2: Use field templates in your theme. Approach #2 is more sophisticated and elegant and gives you the ability to change the html at field level. It's also new in Drupal 7. However… This is something that is so simple to do, once you have figured out the steps to get to the right little click boxes to appear. I wish that it were more intuitive to find, but for all those who struggle with “hiding” the page titles, Display Suite makes it really easy to choose to hide the page title for a specific Content Type or for a particular Node. To block/deactivate a user on your website, do the following: Go to their profile (you can do this a few different ways, including going to Admin menu > People). Click the Edit tab. Status radio button = blocked. Scroll down and Save the changes. Contact Drupal 7 Help Webmaster's Office 116 Edwin Duncan Hall ASU Box 32134 730 Rivers Street Appalachian State University Boone, NC 28608 Email us Moving Comments into a Block - Drupal 7 January 4, 2012 [ Note : It looks like there's a new module, as of January 2013, Node Comment Block , which uses the technique outlined below to move comments into a block.] Clean Design is an easy one-click quick start theme. All modules are pre-configured and installed (called installation profile) and just install your theme and start posting your content, stories, news, etc.

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In Drupal 8, the page title is displayed using a block - so the simplest way to hide the page title in Drupal 8 is simply to configure the block so it is not displayed on the pages where you want to exclude it: Simply click Configure next to the Page Title block, and you can control its display just like any other Drupal block. The example Either an empty array so the block will not be shown or an array containing the following elements: subject: The default localized title of the block. If the block does not have a default title, this should be set to NULL. content: The content of the block's body. This may be a renderable array (preferable) or a string containing rendered HTML

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Hide “Page Title” quickly using Display Suite in Drupal 7 Hide “Page Title” quickly using Display Suite in Drupal 7. Enable at least the following in Administration Menu>Modules: a. Display Suite At the bottom of the Display page you’ll see another list. You want to click on the “Custom Page Title”, and then select either “Hide” or “Show”. Save your configuration. How to Show or Hide Block Visibility in Drupal 8 Show or Hide Block in Drupal 8 Programmatically. You need a module to write code for restricting block access. So, create a Drupal 8 Module with name mymodule.module. Inside the module, we are going to use hook_block_access function provided by drupal 8 to do customization. Now, we shall hide a block using PHP programmatically.