Ping 2. Here you can see the ping statistics which displays the IP address. How To: Hack into Facebook at school using the command prompt How To: Bypass a blocked site with a proxy How To: Bypass a blocked site on a school computer How To: Get on a site that's been blocked by your employer How To: Use a proxy to to

How To Get YouTube When It's Blocked | Grown Up Geek You can use these services with or without Firefox. How an anonymizer gets around a firewall. An anonymizer or Private web-surfing service gets around your school's firewall by setting up a connection between your computer and the anonymizer service or proxy, so the firewall only sees the connection from you to them. The anonymizer's computers then connect to (or Hotmail, Myspace, … How to Use YouTube's Parental Controls Dec 17, 2019 How to Hack a School Computer by Using Command - YouTube Jul 24, 2010

How to Access the cmd prompt & use it to view blocked

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Oct 09, 2008 · In my school in England it is blocked to all pupils but teachers are allowed to use it. They can find a video on youtube then a message will say ''only click view if this video is for educational purposes'' or something like that, then they can watch the video.

How do you watch videos on school computers - Answers Well, if YouTube is blocked you can try using Google Videos, or some other video site. Although I wouldn't recommend watching stupid videos during class. How To Get On Youtube While Its Blocked At School Jan 14, 2017 How To Get On Youtube At School One way to get YouTube at school is to use some potentially less than honorable services that you can find on the web. This option is to be avoided as using such proxy sites can violate the school district's Internet usage policies. In some cases violating these rules can lead to disciplinary action or the loss of your job, so always speak