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Oracle's data dictionary is case sensitive. Oracle will abstract this case sensitivity from the user by converting all unquoted object names to upper case; however (double) quoted object names will not undergo this transformation and will be stored in the data dictionary in the case they were entered. Oracle Security: Case Sensitive Passwords and Implications To make any user’s password version 11g all you have to do is to change its password from within 11g database using the normal ALTER USER command. Case Sensitive Password files. If you want to make users in your password file case sensitive then you will have to recreate the password file using the orapwd utility. The utility has an option Log In **Username and Password are case sensitive Register Log In **Username and Password are case sensitive. Account Preferences; Log out Important Messages. If you would like to pay your bill now click the Quick Pay button and follow the instructions. If you wish to view your account, you must register to log-in. Once you log in you will be able to view: How to make a case sensitive username and password | The

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The important thing to remember here is even when case sensitive passwords are not enabled, the original case of the password is retained so it can be used if case sensitivity is subsequently enabled. The following code disables case sensitivity and creates a new user with a mixed case password.

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Re: Username case sensitivity when logging into router and using the local database, you can have case sensitive option as long as you configure the aaa authentication as follows aaa authentication login default local-case Are email addresses and passwords case sensitive? Feb 16, 2015 Is my password case-sensitive? How can I choose a good one