Tuning the Log Buffer Size is a matter of careful balance, and a careful setting of hidden _log_io_size parameter is just a option which need very professional guidlines to follow: A relatively small _log_io_size setting to minimize log file sync waits and reduce their duration. However, _log_io_size must not be so small as to keep LGWR unduly

Log truncation deletes inactive virtual log files from the logical transaction log of a SQL Server database, freeing space in the logical log for reuse by the physical transaction log. If a transaction log were never truncated, it would eventually fill all the disk space that is allocated to its physical log files. Event "log buffer space" in v$system_event and v$session_wait. Hi all, I'm trying to get some statistics on redo log contention for my database. When I check the event ""log buffer space"" from v$system_event, I got this: - num_log_buffer_full Monitor Element is Not Reflecting the The log buffer will get flushed once gets filled, but at that same time agent might not be waiting for log buffer space. Hence it is not increasing monitor element num_log_buffer_full in second case. Any inputs? Thanks, Harish p. HP. Harishkumar Pathangay. October 31, 2016 11:01 AM. reply to this . Inadequate Buffer Space, Unable to bind TCP/IP | Tech Sep 18, 2000

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Oracle How To Tune Log Buffer - Cryer If the ratio of "redo log space requests" to "redo entries" is less than 5000:1 (i.e. less than 5000 in the above), then increase the size of the redo log buffer until the space request ratio stops falling. Alternately, if memory is not a constraint then try to reduce the number Insight into the SQL Server buffer cache

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