NAT stands for Network Address Translation. NAT is typically done by your router and is a security measure, what it basically does is mask your IP address either your source or destination IP address.

router - What is strict, moderate and open NAT? - Server Fault NAT options on domestic routers often come configured as strict.What does this mean? What do moderate or open do? Port-forwarding/DMZ access works properly on strict so why bother with the other two?. A look through the router suggests this affects the firewall.When spending a large amount of your time securing networks using Cisco/iptables such a limp non-descriptive answer is nothing but Newbie help - what is NAT(nn)? Okuma LB15 Apr 05, 2018

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Nov 06, 2016 What does HCV NAT mean? - Definition of HCV NAT - HCV NAT Hop on to get the meaning of HCV NAT acronym / slang / Abbreviation. The Medical & Science Acronym / Slang HCV NAT means AcronymsAndSlang. The HCV NAT acronym/abbreviation definition. The HCV NAT meaning is Hepatitis C Virus Nucleic Acid Amplification Technology. The definition of HCV NAT by

NAT: Nagoya Auto Trend (trade show; Japan) NAT: North Atlantic Region: NAT: Nucleic Acid Amplification Technology: NAT: Nice and Tight: NAT: Northern Airborne Technology (Kelowna, BC Canada) NAT: Noradrenaline Transporter: NAT: Nitric Acid Trihydrate: NAT: Nippon Advanced Technology (Japan) NAT: North Atlantic Track: NAT: National Air Transport

How to Change NAT Type on Your Xbox One Nov 19, 2018 Keto OS NAT Review (2020 Update) Everything to Know About It Keto OS NAT is a keto supplement that claims to do a more effective job than similar products in delivering bioavailable ketones to your system. The "NAT" in Keto OS NAT stands for "Nutritionally Advanced Technology."